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Unforgettable Interviews With Five Great Guitarists

Sonny Lim Hawaiin Slack Guitar

Some of the best interviews on the radio can be heard at On Point Radio with Tom Ashbrook. And that includes some of the best guitar interviews. Check out these great guitar interview podcasts.Wayne Henderson Guitar Interview Broadcast Date: November 24, 2010 Wayne Henderson hand-makes some of the best guitars in the world from a little shop in Virginia, in a town population of seven. Wayne has built guitars for Eric Clapton, Doc Watson, Gillian Welch, and many more. But Wayne doesn't just build them, he also knows how to pick them. He's won several guitar-picking contests and has a bunch of albums. Listen as Tom and Wayne talk guitars — how they're made, and how they're played. … [Read more...]

Great DADGAD Guitar Players – A Baker’s Dozen

Caledon Wood Celtic Guitar DVD by Al Petteway

DADGAD "the other standard tuning" is very popular among acoustic fingerstyle guitarists. The name "DADGAD" spells out the tunings of the guitar's six strings. In normal tuning, the guitar is tuned, EADGBE. To get to DADGAD, both E strings are tuned down a whole step to D, and the B string is tuned down a whole step to A. DADGAD is also a fundamental tuning for Celtic guitar. DADGAD tuning is attributed to British folk guitarist Davey Graham. The first DADGAD recording was Graham's 1963 arrangement of the traditional Irish tune, "She Moved Through the Fair." Richard Thompson plays "She Moved Through The Fair." Note: I've listed some notable DADGAD players and have grouped them … [Read more...]

Play Guitar Like Dick Dale: King of Surf Guitar

Dick Dale King of the Surf Guitar

Dick Dale, the King of Surf Guitar, created the sound that defines surf music. Here are some of the factors that allowed Dick Dale to invent the surf guitar sound as featured by classic surf musicians such as the Beach Boys, the Ventures, the Surfaris and instrumental rockers Link Wray and Duane Eddy.   Non-Western Scales in his Surf Music Dick Dale was born in South Boston, Massachusetts of Lebanese, Polish and Russian lineage. An early musical influence was an uncle who performed belly-dance music on an oud. Much of Dick Dale's early music shows a Middle Eastern influence. He was one of the first electric guitarists to employ non-Western scales in his surf guitar playing. The … [Read more...]

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